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Bedroom artwork above the bed




The most popular place for hanging artwork in the bedroom is above the head of the bed. A large artwork above the headboard always looks great. It will become the main accent of the interior. A beautiful black and white artwork can attract much attention. If you opt for such painting, don’t hesitate to choose a bright bedcover, pillows and carpet. Let’s see, how you can hang paintings in your bedroom:


One above the other. Large and small pictures of the same style can be placed not only in a row, but also on top of each other. This option is suitable for small images in the same frames.

On the shelf. If you do not want the traditional and banal placement of paintings on the walls, try to place them along the wall on the shelf. This allows you to change the composition as often as you want and place the new objects instead of the old ones. With this layout, you can put one over the other. It will look fancy not only above the headboard of the bed, but along the entire wall.

One, two, three. If you want to hang not one but several paintings, try placing «three in a row». This option is most suitable for three similar canvases of the same size. You can also choose a multi panel canvas.

On the corner of the bed. It is not necessarily to hang paintings in the centre above the bed. If your bed stands in the corner rather than in the centre, this is not an option at all. In this case, place the artwork above the bedside table on the edge.

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